Week 1 – Research, Planning and a Storyline

Last week, I explained the motivation and intentions of this adventure. Today, I update you on what I have come up with for the story and what my plan of action is for the first few weeks.


Because my game mechanics involve commanding a team of bank robbers, I need a motivation and back story for each of them. Also, the story needs to be told in such a way, that the player symphatizes with the main characters (or at least the ‘leader’ of the pack). One primary source of inspiration is the movie Ocean’s 11, in which a team robs a casino.
I’ve discussed with some of my friends about this, and there are a few idea’s that I (or we) don’t particulary like. First, there is the ‘Robin Hood’ incentive, in which the motivation is stealing from the rich (the banks) and giving to the poor. This feels way too cliché and it might prove difficult to provide the player with an interesting back-story of the characters.
Another idea is a story in which the banks are ‘evil’, and thus it is acceptable to do them harm. I also don’t like this premise, partly because it feels too easy, and I think this needs way too much storytelling before the player begins to hate them enough to justify robbing them.
Knowing what I don’t want is important, but won’t get me any closer to knowing what I do want anytime soon, so let’s turn it upside down; what do I like to have in my story?

  • There are 4 playable characters (take or leave one, also maybe I’ll might go for unlocking them one by one, not sure yet).
  • Each character has his own distinctive motivation.
    • A crazy lunatic. Just in it for the fun.
    • Someone full of greed and is a unmoral bastard sometimes.
    • Someone who lost his job and is in deep sh*t. Needs money soon to get out of troubles and feed his wife and kids.
    • … And more to come up with
  • One of the characters is the leader, this is also the main character which the player must feel connected with and is the main storyline. I am thinking about this: he or she is a former bank robber with a lot of experience, but is retired because he has enough money, but a bad guy forces him to do one last job for him (need to come up with a reason why the bad guy needs him. Debt to pay from a history together?). I like this idea very much, but is it too cheesy? Also too cliché? Is that even a problem?

I’m still thinking about if I really need a justification for robbing a bank. Maybe it is just fun to play a bad guy sometimes?


As I told you last week, I am going to outsource graphics as much as I can. When doing research on graphics, I stumbled upon Synty Studio, which have done some superb stylised 3D graphics. I bought some packages from them, and plan to use them at least for the proof of concept. At this point, I like the style so much, I might keep them in until the end, who knows! For now, this is going to be the look and feel of the game:

Up next

next week, I’m going to start coding in Unity, using the 3D assets I currently have and start on a prototype of the game mechanics. This gives me time to think about story and character development, so expect an update on that as well!

In the coming two or three weeks, I am going to try out as much gameplay ideas as possible. I’d love to hear from you! Do you think of a great gameplay mechanic already? Please share!